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The inem (INSTITUTO NACIONALDE EMPLEO) is the Spanish abbreviation that means in English is the national institute of employment. It is an administrative body that is running under the control of the ministry of labor affairs for 1979. The aim and objectives of inem are to develop a policy for unemployed persons working in Spain and have loosed their job due to any reason or are unable to find a job. The organization helps them in different ways and tries that soon they get a job and become the part of employed force of workers of Spain and enhances their income by getting advance trainings at free of cost or at extraordinary subsidized rates.

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For this purpose the organization has developed numbers of training coursesthose are called in Spanish language a cursos inem. The INSTITUTO NACIONALDE EMPLEO Spain is doing great efforts to boost Spain’s economy by contributing their part in production of skilled labor for the Spanish market. The organization is serving people around the globe who are residing in Spain whether they are by birth Spanish; belong to the European Union or a non-European country. Anyone who is legal in Spain can get the benefits of provided by inem.

Whether you are Spanish or an immigrant in Spain from another European Union or none EU country you can get the following benefits.

  1. Getting yourself as a job seeker.
  2. Can get the access to the database and see the jobs according to your skills and needs.
  3. And also can improve your skills by getting training through free cursos inem and can get job with much higher pay rate.
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