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Some SEO bloggers as well as other industry observers are determined that buying likes is almost always a terrible approach to use. Some others are extremely enthusiastic regarding the practice (and are probably the ones trying to sell you the likes). The true answer is somewhere in the middle – it is dependent upon your company ‘s scenario, where you are at in your present phase of increase, and where you want to really go. But everybody is entitled to their own view and might possess some valid facebook likes


An advantage can be gained by small companies

Purchasing likes could also be a viable method to get a small business to gain the advantage. A little marketing campaign that gets you a few thousand extra likes can enable you to seem bigger and more influential than your competitors all have a few dozen, when they likes.

Naturally, when you have a great deal of likes on FB, in the hundreds of millions array or thousands, it makes a bit less sense to focus on this. A substantial and nationally known brand like Pepsi or Burger King currently has a ton of followers that are societal and spending some time and effort buying more leads to some gain that is minimal. In this situation, you need to be concentrating more on conversion and involvement than outright increase.

Testing and analytics will be the Key

You should be monitoring all of the varieties of advertising you are performing, whatever you decide to do. Some companies in certain product categories do very nicely with social media, as well as other businesses should focus more on conventional B2B or B2C outreach strategies. But you you may not know for certain what is best suited for you without measuring the ROI, and actually testing out things. Use all analytics tools that you have at your disposal to discover what is best suited for you personally. Set aside a small budget to test new promotion methods out and see if you can find something which gives you a better conversion speed. In the event you’re keeping track of this information in a database or spreadsheet and doing your job, you’ll fast be able to find out ways to advertise in a manner that is more cost-effective.

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